Expanding Your Reach with an Online Dispensary

April's Business Webinar

Expanding Your Reach with an Online Dispensary

Each one of your patients in unique and so are the supplement protocols you recommend for them. You know that your patients will receive the best health outcomes when they are compliant to your recommended treatment plan, but if they aren’t getting their supplements from you, where are they getting them (if they are getting them at all) and how can you be sure they are high-quality? To address these potential hurdles to compliance, many practitioners opt provide dispensary options to their patients. During this webinar, Julie Beck, DC, MS, CSCS and one of Emerson Ecologics’ Medical Educators, will explore your options for including a supplement dispensary in your practice, with a focus on how online dispensaries can increase your reach with patients and provide passive revenue to your practice, while saving you time and resources.

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