You know that professional-grade supplements are essential for supporting optimal patient outcomes, but knowing which therapeutics to recommend and having the right systems in place to manage a successful dispensary can be a challenge. To address this challenge, we have created a free, 10-part webinar series that will walk you through the key clinical AND business aspects of effectively incorporating high-quality supplements into your practice.

We have created 5 clinical and 5 business focused webinars to helping you build a thriving practice with enhanced patient outcomes, through the knowledge and confidence to recommend professional-grade supplements. Webinars are presented by experts in the field of integrative medicine who will share their decades of experience as well as valuable practitioner handouts.

Meet Our Emerson Educators

Webinars will be hosted by experts in the field of integrative medicine who will share their clinical and business experience with you!



Webinar Schedule

Release Month

Check back as we release 1 business and 1 clinical webinar each month, including a practitioner highlight sheet for each

December, 2015
5 & 16

January, 2016
13 & 27

February, 2016
10 & 24

March, 2016
9 & 23

April, 2016
27 & 27

Business Topic

Business webinars will provide you with the necessary business tools that will ensure a sustainable and successful practice

Are You Quality Savvy?
Tina Beaudoin, ND

The Keys to a Successful Dispensary
Laura Jones, ND

The WHY of Supplementation
Dan Kalish, DC

Maximizing Patient Refills
–¬† Dan Kalish, DC

Expanding Your Reach with an Online Dispensary
Julie Beck, DC, MS, CSCS

Clinical Topic

Clinical webinars will walk you through the basic biochemistry and physiology of major body systems & the most effective therapeutics