2 Part Webinar Series with Dr. Dan Kalish

Proven HPA Axis and GI Treatment Strategies

How to Successfully Treat Fatigue and GI Issues

Join Emerson Ecologics’ IGNITE Educational Partner, Dr. Dan Kalish, DC for an Exclusive 2-Part Webinar Series!


These 2 webinars will present a newly published research study conducted by Mayo Clinic researchers and Daniel Kalish, founder of the Kalish Institute. We will examine a functional medicine treatment program based on salivary HPA axis testing, GI pathogen screening and nutritional counseling with gluten free diets. This behind the scenes look at the research study will review individual patient labs and their personal experiences regarding the benefits of combined adrenal and GI protocols in the treatment of fatigue, low mood and GI issues.


Part 1: HPA Axis Treatment Strategies

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the reasoning behind starting off with HPA axis protocols and the significance they play in treating GI issues
  • Discover the key role lifestyle changes made in the study outcomes
  • How extreme emotional stress during the research study contributed to overall results




Part 2: GI Treatment Strategies

Learning Objectives:

  • How to treat the top 3 GI infections: H. pylori, parasites and yeast
  • Learn the importance behind follow-up testing
  • Discover how the recommended program eliminated 18 of the 19 GI infections detected by lab tests
  • Learn how to implement leaky gut repair and liver support protocols




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