About Us


For more than 30 years, Emerson Ecologics has been providing practitioners a convenient way to select and purchase from over 275 brands of professional-quality nutritional supplements, vitamins, prescription medications and natural health products. Emerson Ecologics is also widely recognized for its innovative Emerson Quality ProgramĀ (EQP) and is committed to helping integrative practitioners succeed as healers as well as business owners. Learn more atĀ emersonecologics.com.


Integrative medicine is set to emerge as the primary form of healthcare in our country, creating an opportunity for you to reach and help more patient than ever before. You have spent years honing your clinical knowledge, but the skills required to operate an integrative practice extend beyond clinical expertise. To support you in all areas of your success, Emerson Ecologics has created IGNITE, education that empowers you to achieve greater fulfillment in the important work you do.


We often hear from practitioners that it can be a challenge to balance the joy of practicing medicine with the stress of building a business. Whether you define success as building your professional brand or streamlining your daily operations in order to achieve a better work/life balance, Emerson Ecologics is committed to helping you solve these challenges. We hope you will join your community of integrative peers through an upcoming IGNITE educational program.